Kawasaki Introduces Affordable Standard Motorcycle

Kawasaki Introduces Affordable Standard Motorcycle

As bikers got older, the manufacturers started making their models bigger and bigger, and more and more expensive.  Soon heavyweight baggers, and factory customs dominated the market.

That was fine by the motorcycles dealers because the higher priced the machine, the more profit they could make.

But, That left a big hole in the lower end of the market.  Beginners and first time motorcycle buyers were having trouble finding inexpensive solutions to get them on the road.

The answer has come from overseas where sub 250 cc models are better suited for the urban environment and the pricing is more in line with what the market can afford.

Now Kawasaki has stepped into the void with the Z125 Pro.  

Cycle World recently got a look at the bike and says, "its compact size, low 30.7-inch seat height, and manageable 225-pound curb weight promise, is that beginners will easily be able to handle it. But one thing that Kawasaki wanted to ensure, is that the bike was capable of competently carrying a passenger, so suspension was specified that is more than up to the task with a four position rear preload adjustment, and a 601 lb. GVWR; netting a 353-pound load capacity."

At $2,999, the Z125 is a perfect commuter bike or starter bike for that college age, entry level rider who wants to be on two wheels, but doesn't really want or need to get on a stupid fast sport bike.  For more, click here


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