New York Forces Fire Department To Cancel Motorcycle Fundraiser

The State of New York has forced the cancellation of at least one motorcycle raffle becausetickets were being sold online and bought using credit cards -- two things the state's Gaming Commission doesn't allow.
Before getting official notice from the State Gaming Commission, the Batavia Fire Department decided to suspend their own raffle.

"It's really a sad day for volunteer organizations all over the State of New York," says Assemblyman Steve Hawley.

One after another, fire departments across Genesee County suspend fundraising events they've held for years, some for decades. This time around, it's the annual Harley Davidson raffle held by the Town of Batavia's fire department.

"I think it's a shame because the taxpayers are going to have to come up with more money and they're already burdened enough," says Debra Park.

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