Bikers Volunteer as Vigilante Security at Trump Rallies

Bikers Volunteer as Vigilante Security at Trump Rallies

Chris Cox, an itinerant chainsaw carving artist, is the founder of a 30,000 member group, Bikers for Trump.  Until recently the group has been mainly a support organization focused primarily on holding independent rallies for the Republican front-runner. 
Recent events at Trump rallies such as in Chicago where protesters caused so much chaos that the event had to be cancelled made Cox realize his group could be and should be more active in supporting the candidate.
Cox transformed his group into a volunteer security force, patrolling Trump’s events to identify protesters for paid security and police, forming barriers to protect Trump supporters, and playing backup to the cops as they removed unwanted attendees from the campaign’s rallies.
Cox told the website Politico his group is non-violent...up to a point.  

 He said his group enforces a strict code of conduct that includes nonviolence and that rogues are told to go their own way. “We’re not here to make headlines, we’re here to prevent them,” he said repeatedly.

But Cox’s code only applies to striking first. “The moment that we are assaulted the tone will definitely change,” he said. “We’re certainly not going to get punched and back down.”

“In the event that one hair is touched on a biker, you’ll see hundreds of thousands of bikers coming out of the woodwork.”

So, as a biker, would you be ready to fight for Trump?
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