MRO's Outraged at Proposed New Law in South Carolina

COLUMBIA - If a South Carolina Republican gets his way, all children from birth to 1 year old must be in a rear facing child safety seat if they're riding on a motorcycle, and any rider younger than 7 and weighing 40-80 pounds must be in a booster seat with both lap and shoulder belts. 

The bill, H. 3040, follows previous attempts to address motorcycle safety. Rep. Joseph Daning, R (Berkeley) said a few years ago, constituents called him seeking help.  “They were concerned about an ex-spouse taking their children on motorcycles. I got to looking into it, and I said, ‘You know, it makes a lot of sense,’” said the lawmaker. “We take care of our children (in cars), but they’re so unprotected on the back of motorcycles.”

As expected, the bill is facing stiff opposition from the motorcycle rights community.

ABATE of SC’s state coordinator, Ralph Bell, emphasized that there have been no fatalities of passengers under 7. He said changing the law would hinder charity events.

“The pediatric brain tumor ride would no longer be able to provide rides for kids nor would the Camp Chemo ride,” he said.


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“I believe Rep. Daning’s heart is in the right place, but this legislation is misguided,” said Dennis Welborn, the state legislative coordinator for ABATE of SC.

“Its passage would cause much more harm than good.”

In particular, said Welborn, mounting a child safety seat on a motorcycle would change its center of gravity, making it unwieldy, affecting its handling and braking abilities.

Meanwhile, child-safety advocates support Daning’s efforts.

“We wholeheartedly supported Rep. Daning’s bill last year,” said Jeff Allen, who is on the board of directors of the Children’s Trust of South Carolina.

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but it is OK to pull an infant in a trailer behind a bicycle down a busy two lane road.

John Klem

Would you rather have your child thrown from the motorcycle or strapped to it as it goes bouncing and flipping down the road?. I think the purpose of this law is to ban kids on motorcycles, without banning kids from motorcycles. And the center of gravity argument is very weak. If the bike was made for a passenger, then it was made to handle an adult who weighs more and is taller than a kid in a booster. Have them watch some motorcycle crash footage and see if THEY would rather be strapped to the bike.


Seriously? No one I know, in their right mind, would ever take a baby on a motorcycle! My friends who have taken their kids, 6 and over, have used a car seat belt attached to the driver. I think that’s way safer than being attached to the bike! The driver can ditch the bike if necessary to avoid collision and think of the horrific damage to motorcycles when they’re hit. Also, worst case scenario, a hit to the motorcycle, if the child passenger is attached to the rider, the rider will act as a cushion.


and why would a baby be on a motorcycle? But the law for carseats on MC is stupid

T Buck

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