Motorcyclist T-Bones SUV Driver Making Illegal Left Turn

This YouTube video, captured by a traffic camera and uploaded by the Excelsior Springs MO Police department shows 20-year-old Britt Hamilton striking the front end of  an SUV when it turned left in front of him at the intersection of  Crown Hill Road and Highway 10 on May 9th.  

After seeing his video, Hamilton says he feels lucky to be alive.

“I hit, and then went numb for a second. Then I started to feel pain,” he said.  “I had a green light. I guess she got scared and slammed on the brakes,” he said.

“My wrist is swollen. My lip is messed up a little bit. I got a little knot on my leg,” Hamilton said. “I’m surprised I didn’t get a broken bone or something.”

Excelsior Springs police said the driver who hit the motorcyclist had a learner’s permit.

Hamiliton’s fiancee and his 10 month old baby girl was in the car right behind him when the accident occurred.

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