It’s Dry Heat: Scenic Rides in AZ for this Summer

IMG_6804A motorcycle trip through Arizona, even in the heat of the summer, can be a wondrous experience. With some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, many riders consider it a must-see destination. And for some people, whether due to vacation limitations or because of a larger trip, summer is the only option. Fortunately, it’s a dry heat, and the breathtaking views may be enough to make you forget the temperature.

Arizona has no shortage of thrilling rides and destinations. Here are three you shouldn’t miss:

The Grand Canyon

According to the National Park Service, more than a million people visit the Grand Canyon National Park each year. Once you visit, you’ll understand why. Viewing the Grand Canyon is an experience that’s almost indescribable, and something that’s impossible to capture in a picture — it’s unforgettable.

For riders, the Grand Canyon offers several options for scenic rides. The majority of visitors only see the South Rim, which measures 7,000 feet above sea level and is easily accessible from the park entrance. For the adventurous, the North Rim, at 8,000 feet above sea level, can be accessed after a 220 mile ride from the South Rim.


Sedona is one of Arizona’s main destinations for tourism, and for good reason. It offers not only the stunning scenery of the Sedona-Verde Valley, with multiple state parks, but all of the various attractions you would expect from a tourist destination.

Spas, resorts, championship golf courses, horseback riding and hiking — all are available on your stop over in Sedona. When you aren’t busy riding, you can indulge yourself in Sedona’s world-class recreational offerings.

Long-distance rides, while exciting, can also be tiring. A good rest on your trip can make the rest of your ride more enjoyable, and Sedona is just the place to do it.

Meteor Crater

Meteor Crater offers visitors the world’s most well-preserved meteorite impact site. It may not seem nearly as imposing if you have already viewed the much larger Grand Canyon, but when you consider the impact it took to create such a large crater, it’s quite impressive.

Meteor Crater is only 43 miles east of Flagstaff, making it easy to get to and a worthwhile excursion for those who want to see just what a meteor impact looks like.

Considerations for Your Trip

Plenty of riders make these trips through Arizona yearly, so you should be meticulous when dealing with the heat if you take proper precautions. Of course, if you’re worried about the heat, you always have the option of hauling your bikes with an SUV, such as the VW Touareg.

Using a Volkswagen in Arizona may seem too easy if you consider yourself a hard-core rider, but for long-distance trips, there are plenty of advantages to be found in using an SUV to haul your motorcycles. You can park it at whatever main destination you prefer, such as Sedona or Grand Canyon Village. For the next long-distance haul, you can enjoy air conditioning and protection found in a high-quality SUV.

Don’t Let the Heat Stop You

Arizona has so much to offer to motorcyclists, even in the summer. The scenery of the desert is always remarkable, and some places are only accessible in the warmer months. Don’t hesitate to plan a trip to any of these destinations. Whether you ride the whole way, or use a Volkswagen in Arizona for part of the way, you will not regret your decision to see some of the world’s most remarkable attractions.

Photo by Flickr user U.S. Army Africa

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