No More Rainsuits? Introducing the Rainrunner

rooffortwo-01A South Asian company, Roof For Two, has developed a novel approach to that pesky problem of sudden downpours ruining an otherwise enjoyable motorcycle commute.  Introducing the Rain Runner.  A portable, fold-flat, quick deploying, rain cover for a motorcycle. You’ll still need something covering your lower legs, but watching the video, it seems to be a functional alternative to those hard to struggle into rain suits. Not to mention the aggravation of summer showers where you suit up, ride through the rain for 20 miles and have the pop out for the next 30 miles turning your rainsuit into a sauna.

The prototype has been in the works for over a year while the company applied for the patents.  It’s a neat concept, but we gotta say it amps up the dorky factor by 10, so we doubt it will get much play here in the US.

But we’re not the target market. In the Asian market, motorcycles are more utility vehicles versus recreational and function is far more important than how cool you look.


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