Biker Geeks Start 1% Club in Online Comedy Series

clandestineThe Clandestine is a comedy web series about a group of geeks who form an outlaw motorcycle club.  The show takes place in Belfast and is the highest budget live action web series made in Ireland to date. It is also thought to be the world’s first biker comedy series.

The show will be publicly released March 25th on YouTube. The entire first season of 13 x 5 minute episodes is available now by signing up to the VIP Room at

According to The Clandestine’s director, Joseph Campo, “This show is about the 99% of us that hold regular jobs and boring lives, but have an outlaw down there somewhere, fighting to get out.”

Writer, Kieran Docherty, says “Outlaw bikers are right up there with astronauts and superheroes in terms of ‘coolest jobs ever’. Now, most of us aren’t going to make it into space, and few of us will actually join the X-Men – but some of us, some of us might just make it as outlaws. I wanted to see what would happen when regular guys attempt to embrace the outlaw way of life. This is a show about breaking free … and who needs to break free more than a paper pushing lawyer and his tech-support friend?

Darryl Collins, Executive Producer, says “The Clandestine is the world’s first motorcycle comedy series. It’s incredible it has never been done before. When we developed the show we knew we had to get a sponsor on board to be able to get it into production. We were blessed to have on our doorstep – they sell motorcycle parts and accessories to customers around the world. Their support, and that of Northern Ireland Screen, has made it possible for us to get the show completed and released online.”

Nick Long, from, the show’s primary sponsor, says “When Darryl and Joe approached us for support, they already had two of the episodes completed. They were totally hilarious. They caught many of the absurdities and humor of biker culture perfectly. For us it was a natural extension of our online marketing activities to try branded entertainment. We are delighted with the results.”

One of the show’s stars, Bennett Warden, who plays Marcus says “On the first day of production, I was riding a Harley in the freezing cold and pouring rain. I thought, am I completely insane?  And why am I having the time of my life? That’s when I realised why bikers are going to love this show.”

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The Clandestine was produced by Video Hacker Ltd. based in Belfast and commissioned by Banjax Ltd. a web software and e-commerce company also based in Northern Ireland.

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