Vegas PD Officer Rear Ends Rider, Then Chews Him Out

A Las Vegas motorcycle rider, identified as John Paul Rosario was on his way to work last month when he was caught up in some slow moving traffic.  You can see in the video when he passes the patrol car, and traffic slows again.  That’s when John Paul slows to a stop to avoid a merging driver and is struck from behind by the Vegas PD officer.   Rosario described the incident to Hell For Leather magazine, “I was moving along between the sped of 5 to 15mph when I noticed the car on the left wanted to merge into my lane of travel. No biggie. I’m still making good time. So I take a defensive approach and move my bike to the far right near the white line. The car merging took a long time to merge. So I move back to the center lane and then slow to a stop. Not even a second goes by and bump…I turn my head and LVMPD cruiser gave me a love tap. Really!?!

Rosario thought his biggest problem at this point was being late for work.   “I thought I’d have to wait for the road supervisor to show and write up a report. I figured the cop would come up and (ask) Hey, are you okay”

But that’s not what happened.  Rosario said the officer adopted an aggressive attitude, blaming him for stopping short.  He was  “full on Judge Dredd mode.”

Rosario said this took place during the Dorner rampage in California so all the police were on edge, and he became concerned for his safety.  “He wouldn’t let me get in a word to save my life. So I stayed focused and kept drinking my cup of SHUT THE F**K UP and enjoyed it. I was so pissed, you can hear me in the video having trouble talking.”

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