The Pope Will Bless the Hog

The Pope shown recently blessing Ducati’s .. we should say something funny here but we just can’t think of anything the Nuns at our boarding school would have approved….

VATICAN CITY — The Pope started making motorcycles in 1902, and ended in 1918… no wait, wrong Pope.    Forgive us for we have sinned.  It’s the Pope in Rome… (his holiness Pope Benedict XVI) who will bless Harley-Davidson’s bikes at the Vatican next June as part of the Milwaukee manufacturer’s 110th anniversary.  Being that the Pope is celibate, and the ultimate religious authority figure, we’re not sure how that fits in with the whole “rebel” street cred that HD espouses, but hey, maybe it’s like “Any publicity is better than no publicity at all…right?” Now if they can convince him to ditch the robe for a leather jacket….

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