Georgia Cop Arrested Exceeding 100 mph On Motorcycle

An Atlanta area off duty cop was arrested Thanksgiving night for excessive speed.  According to a report in the AJC, Clayton PD officer David Eugene Carter was being followed by a unmarked Butt’s Co Sheriff’s SUV when the police officer sped up.  The arresting deputy said the motorcycle exceeded 100 mph on the rural two lane road.

After the arresting deputy flashed his blue lights and Carter pulled over, he identified himself as an off duty cop and told the deputy that when he realized he was being followed, he became afraid for his safety on the dark country road and didn’t realize the dark SUV was a police vehicle.  Carter told the deputy there have been incidents in which vehicles try to “bump” a motorcycle owner off his bike to steal it.

Carter was charged with violating the Georgia Super Speeder law  and evading an officer. The evading charge likely will be dropped given that Carter did stop when the blue lights flashed according to the reports.

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