Deus Ex Machina makes high-end motorcycles and loses money on each one

In a narrow workshop off a Venice alley, Michael Woolaway uses a wooden mallet to shape an aluminum bracket for a motorcycle.The metal part is one of dozens the craftsman known as Woolie will spend an estimated 400 to 500 hours hand-shaping for the custom-built bike. This one's for actor Orlando Bloom.When it's done, the V-twin street racer will cost Bloom $60,000. It will lose money for Woolie's employer, the lifestyle brand Deus Ex Machina. That's what happened with custom bikes Woolie built for actor Ryan Reynolds and singers Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen and Jason Mraz.

"That's why we make clothing," said Deus founder and owner Dare Jennings. "Otherwise, we'd go broke."Deus isn't the only company selling expensive motorcycles.   Read more at  LA Times


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I’m probably gong to get flamed for this comment, but what happened to creating a viable business model if your going to market to millionaires and loose money in the venture?
What am I missing here?

Don Smith

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