NBC Host Calls Leather Clad Bikers "Losers"

(see her retraction at the end of this story)

NBC’s Hoda Kotb pissed off a lot of leather-wearing motorcycle riding enthusiasts with an offhand comment about the time she and  Kathie Lee Gifford went to a biker bar,  called Alabama Jacks in 2013.  “We dressed in leather, like a couple of losers really, like at the biker bar,” Kotb said.    Alabama Jacks is located in Key Largo Florida and is a frequent hangout of locals and motorcycle riders.

Bikers took their anger to the Facebook page for the show writing, “Saw the comments made about dressing up like losers in leather and going to Alabama Jacks. You just lost a loser in leather for rating ladies…have fun in your plastic, fake Barbie world!”   Another wrote, "I am seriously offended at Hoda's reference to dressing in leather and going to a biker bar as "dressing as losers". Obviously, she needs to get her head out of her dressing room and look at the facts. We are lawyers, doctors, secretaries, mechanics, military, police, college graduates, mothers, and fathers."


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All of you anti “cancel culture” peoole have a change of heart? Abt how you feel Abt it lmfao… Hypocrites! Never ends with you nutzis. You act like it’s liberals cancelling things when you guys want Ben & Jerry cancelled, it’s somebody new everyday but you morons don’t notice cause your such partisan hacks with no awareness.


haha she’s right

look at all the triggered cosplayers in the comments


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maybe she has never heard of the richest biker ambassador of all …Malcolm Forbes ! …he could buy and dismantle the entire network she is aired on… and it wouldn’t phase his bank account !!!

david miller

I am forever reminded that people are sheep. Most would run off the cliff with not so much as a backward glance. They are in every occupation and every catigory of man or women. They see only what they need to see in order to look good. This is also why most of them drive cars, they feel the need to protect themselves from the scary world around them with a cacoon of metal. They show contempt and fear the uknown. They are also often put Iin public positions (they are easily trained). This is not someone I want to see on the bike next to me, they are ill-equipped to truely interact In the first person with the world around them. I will add them to my prayers and thank God for there ignorance. Send my donation to the NRA, change the chanel on the TV, then get on my bike and live without ever concerning myself of there oppinion. I am a biker

Deanna H.

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