Matrix Star Hopes to Distort Economic Reality with High Dollar Custom Motorcycle

Keanu Reeves says the new motorcycle he’s selling is “Awesome.”  Critics call it overpriced, among other things.  According to a story in the LA Times, Reeves conceived and designed the bike in partnership with his Arch Motorcycle Co. co-owner Gard Hollinger, who built the KRGT-1 off specs and sketches he and Reeves cooked up. Hollinger and Reeves plan to build a maximum of 100 machines a year, and may expand their line to three different Arch models. But the price point won’t come down. “There’s a general attitude that no motorcycle should ever cost $78,000,” Hollinger said. “But that’s the kind of person who’s never going to buy a Roll Royce. We never set out to make something affordable.”

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Does it dodge bullets if so it still aint worth that much. No storage, no radio, no highway pegs, and no room for the old lady. I wont and can’t buy one.


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