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Victory Owners More Satisfied Than Harley-Davidson and All Other Brands

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Consumer Reports has released the results of its latest survey of 12,300 motorcycle owners, and found that 80% of Victory owners say they would buy another Victory.  72% of Harley-Davidson owners say they will buy another HOG.  Suzuki came in at the bottom with 58% indicating satisfaction with the brand.  

The report says "Impacting overall satisfaction and reflecting reliability, we saw cost of maintenance and repair be a satisfaction issue with BMW, Can-Am, Ducati, and Harley."

Indian Motorcycles was not listed in the report.  



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  • Bill on

    I love my Harley Davidson, I would not have any other bike!!!

  • William Dailey on

    I ride a Victory but have owned a nice Harley and a Harley powered Buell. There are several reasons I wanted a Victory. One the better suspension. Victory uses inverted forks and a mono shock suspension in the rear. Makes riding a quick pace through the mountains a blast. Then there’s the power. Victory has at least 40 more horses and is lighter. You can get more ponies out of a Harley but why would you want to spend a ton of money when you don’t have to.? Then they have those beautiful flowing lines. The Victories are just flat out sexy. Sometimes I just like to look at mine.

  • Samantha on

    My husband loved Harley for yrs. Now almost a yr on our Gunner. He couldn’t be happier.

  • Donna on

    I have a NEW 2013 VICTORY JACKPOT!! I bought it for my husband to ride at Sturgis last year. It has less than 200 miles on it. After market pipes and new grips. I just started to chrome it up but he does not ride! $13,500 SHOWROOM CONDITION 904-294-1121

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