Movie Motorcycles in 2016

Movie Motorcycles in 2016

Paul Feig‘s new Ghostbusters movie is due out mid July 2016 and according to recently released photos from IGN, the Ecto-2 will be making it's onscreen debut.  While it's not a "cool" motorcycles as movie props go, it is described as a more "functional" bike with the addition of some type of plasma weapon on the hadlebars and a catch-all milk crate on the back for spare parts or what ever's needed.



Bad Boys III 

Writer/director Joe Carnahan @carnjoe recently tweeted this photo to fans asking "who is this man...and how bad is he?"  Carnahan has been tasked with writing (and possibly directing) the third Bad Boys movie and by other photos he's tweeted it appears a freeway motorcycle / helicopter James Bondish style chase will be included.

As exciting as these Hollywood motorcycle chases appear on the screen, I always have a little trouble suspending my disbelief at the sheer impossible reality of a motorcycle being able to successfully evade any serious pursuit by determined attackers in a 4 wheel vehicle, unless it's a dirt bike in a wooded area...but that's what movies are for.. to take us into a fantasy world where the impossible and improbably become reality.  

So..rock on Joe... and while you're at it...put a sexy chick on the back wearing nothing but a leather jacket and a purple thong...oh and maybe high heels...yea..definitely high heels.  Now that we think about it Amy Lindsey would be perfect for that role since she's not doing anymore Ted Cruz commercials any time soon.


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