Bikers Fulfill Young Cancer Patient's Wish

Bikers Fulfill Young Cancer Patient's Wish

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NAPLES, Fla. Bikers from throughout Southwest Florida gathered at the Harley-Davidson store at 3645 Gateway Lane Friday afternoon to help a young girl fulfill her dream.

Jorja Miller’s has always wanted to ride on a motorcycle with a group of bikers.

The 10-year-old was diagnosed with Wilms tumor, a rare kidney cancer, in 2015. The tumor recently spread to her lungs and liver.

Miller’s mother, Jeanette, said her daughter has been incredibly brave, despite the diagnosis.

“She went through hardships before,” she said. “This is her second battle with cancer, but she steps in like a trooper. It’s not gonna defeat her.”

After the Millers’ neighbor told the owner of the Harley-Davidson store how much Miller loved motorcycles, several bikers shared a Facebook post asking for Friday’s impromptu gathering.

The bikers surprised Miller with her choice of bike and a customized helmet.

“I’ve never worn one of these. It’s really cool because it’s a Harley-Davidson hat and it’s a biker hat,” she said. “It’s groovy, I’m so excited.” 

With her bandanna on and helmet securely in place, Miller rode to Vanderbilt Beach with her newfound friends for an evening ride in the sunset, just like she always dreamed of.


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