motorcycle wreck police chase

Clumsy Crook Can't Catch A Break

Lesson 1. Don't run from the police on a motorcycle.

Lesson 2. Especially if you're a novice rider

Lesson 3. Learn to ride BEFORE you attempt to outrun the police on a motorcycle.

Lesson 4. Wait...we're repeating ourselves..

This clumsy crook took to the Los Angeles streets a couple of days ago (November 2016) and we're not sure why, but whenever officer friendly wanted to talk to him, he decided to hit the accellerator instead of the brake, but judging by his skills on the bike, there's a good chance he could plead ignorance of the law....or at least ignorance in how to operate the bike he was riding.  

"Judge, see what had happened was....I saw the PoPo and I thought I was hitting the brake but I hit the throttle and damn!!!  I was gone...!!!  Then when I saw more Five Oh showing up, I got all Rodney King scared and just feel me?"


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