Defunct MIdwest Cycle Center Owner Threatens Lawsuit over Biker Nation Article

Defunct MIdwest Cycle Center Owner Threatens Lawsuit over Biker Nation Article

Nathan Powers, owner of now-defunct Midwest Cycle Center in Ozark Missouri has sent a letter to Biker Nation threatening a libel lawsuit over a previous blog post article (see here) reporting on the closure of the business. 

The letter is below

To: The Biker Nation
111 South Central Street
Swainsboro, GA 30401
Re: June 10, 2017 Article- Midwest Cycle Center:

To Whom it May Concern:

Please be advised that an article you wrote is packed full of inaccurate information in regards to the closing of a business I previously owned, Midwest Cycle Center.
Per my attorney, I am kindly asking that the article be permanently removed from your website/database, as it has caused my family and me great harm. We continue to be harassed daily based on the false information you reported in your article.
It is not my intent to litigate this matter, but will most certainly file a defamation of character/libel lawsuit against The Biker Nation and its owners if my simple request isn't granted. I am a reasonable person but will follow the instruction of my attorney to file suit if all references to this article is not removed in a timely manner (7 days from the date of this letter).
Should you deem it necessary to report on this in the future, I highly recommend you state the facts, not opinions, hearsay, rumors, or gossip. Failure to do so will result in the filing of an immediate lawsuit,
without notice.
Thank you,

Nathan Powers
Mr. Powers was sent an email reply requesting the following information in order for Biker Nation reporters to do a follow up to this story.
1.  What happened to the deposits that customers placed on bikes when the business closed?
2. Have all customers been reimbursed?
3. What exactly happened that caused the business to fold?  
5. Have you started another business? If so, what is the name and where is it located?
If and when the answers are given, we will update this story.
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There were also customers who left their motorcycles and titles in Midwest Cycle Center that never had them returned. Midwest Cycle is now doing business as Legends cycle of Missouri. Please do a follow-up asap. Located at :
5739 South Campbell Avenue, Showroom D
Springfield, Missouri 65810


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