Dragon Crash Survivor Releases Final Goodbye Videos

Kevin Diepenbrock was dying, and he knew it. As he lay on the earth beneath "The Dragon," unable to move and barely able to breathe, he filmed his final goodbyes to his parents and his wife. Sunlight piercing through the trees. A shaky camera. A bloodied face on fall foliage. "Hey, everybody," he says in the first of three videos. His words come in short bursts as he finds the strength to speak. "I f***** up, that's all I can really say. At about 10:30 this morning. Been laying here ever since. About 50 feet down in the ravine. I just wanted to say I love you guys. Sorry I was being stupid, but you know that's what I do." "See you guys soon," he says as the first video ends. By the time he filmed the third video in total darkness, his voice had grown hoarse and faltering, and he doesn't sound quite so optimistic.
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