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Felon Pleads Guilty For Killing The Man In Possession of His Motorcycle

Michael Kaumans

Michael Kaumans

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M:  Michael Kaumans pled guilty of 2nd Degree Murder for killing Vincent McAneney after he spotted him riding a motorcycle that had been stolen from Kaumans.

According to reports,  McAneney was at a red light on the morning of July 11, 2015 when Kaumans pulled up and saw the bike that had been stolen from him.  Shots were fired, and McAneney crashed the bike, and fled on foot.  He showed up later at the hospital with a gunshot wound where he later died.

It was not clear if McAneney actually stole the bike or if he acquired it later.  

Kaumans also pleaded guilty to robbery, attempted burglary and attempted armed robbery, all connected to separate incidents that took place in June and July 2015. Kaumans admitted in court that he’d previously been convicted of multiple felonies.

In exchange for his plea, prosecutors also agreed that they would not pursue charges in more than a dozen other cases in which Kaumans was a suspect, Clark said. He said the cases involved alleged robberies, criminal damage to property and burglaries.

“What we’re trying to do here,” Clark said in court, “is get rid of every case known to the state right now.”

Hothan, who faced two charges in connection to the incident, pleaded guilty to conspiracy in March and was sentenced to probation, according to court records. Her agreement required her to cooperate in the prosecution of Kaumans.

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