Florida Leads The US in Motorcycle Fatalities

Florida Leads The US in Motorcycle Fatalities

As Bike Week 2017 kicks off this week, some media outlets are advising motorists to keep an eye out for two wheel tourists.

According to the most recent crash data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Florida saw a 30 percent increase in motorcycle deaths in 2015, the highest on record. Motorcyclists accounted for 20 percent of motor vehicle fatalities in the state, yet motorcycles account for only 3 percent of registered vehicles. In 2015, 606 people died and 9,045 were injured in motorcycle crashes on Florida roads.

Miami Dade county roads ranked first with the most motorcycle deaths, and Volusia County ranked last.

Motorcycle Safety Tips for Drivers

  • Respect motorcycle riders. Motorcycles are vehicles too and have the same privileges as an automobile. Be sure to give them ample room.
  • Look and listen. Even if a motorcycle is loud, you might not hear it. Actively look for motorcycles in traffic.
  • Leave plenty of room between your vehicle and motorcyclists. Uneven terrain, wet roads and heavy traffic often require a motorcycle rider to react and maneuver differently than automobiles.
  • Be aware. Take extra caution when making a left-hand turn, because most automobile-vs.-motorcycle crashes occur during left-hand turns.
  • Don't drive distracted. A driver who takes his or her eyes off the road for two seconds doubles the risk of getting into a crash.

Motorcycle Deaths by Florida Counties

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