Harley Trademarks New Names for Motorcycles

Harley Trademarks New Names for Motorcycles

It's being reported that Harley-Davidson has filed trademarks for three new names in Europe and America.

Pan America, 48X and Bronx are the names filed in the European Union Intellectual Property Office and the US Patents and Trademark Office.  

Harley has said it plans to release 100 new motorcycles over the next 10 years and even the most basic of math calculations tells us that's an average of 10 new bikes per year, so we're expecting to see a lot of new models this year.

The rumor mill has it that the Pan American will be a touring bike, and the 48X will be a new bike based on the Sportster line.  The Bronx is most likely a new bobber but at this point they're all just guesses since we don't have anyone on the inside to confirm or deny anything.


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