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environment hardcore harley-davidson trees

(press release)  MILWAUKEE, Oct. 29, 2014 —Harley-Davidson®, together with The Nature Conservancy, is mobilizing its global community of riders to raise funds to plant 50 million trees worldwide by 2025 as part of its Renew the Ride™ initiative.   Dedicated to the goal of preserving the open road for future generations of riders, Renew the Ride is the latest global mission and call to action for Harley-Davidson riders. Harley-Davidson has rallied its owners and dealers to dedicate time, donations and organizational efforts to support The Nature Conservancy, a nonprofit that addresses the most pressing conservation threats at the largest scale...

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Sportbikers Chase Off Cop Who Tries To Stop Their Display on Interstate

california CHP cops hardcore interstate reckless sportbike stunters wheelies

YouTube user gurustunts posted this video Monday showing a group of reckless sportbikers disregarding the CHP officer who tries to pull over several of the group.   According to a report in the Mercury News,  At one point, one of the motorcyclists speeds past the officer, weaving across traffic lanes. The officer follows, but then the motorcyclist filming the entire incident on his helmet camera pulls up next to the CHP officer, shooing him away. In the video, shot on the afternoon of Oct. 11, the officer can be heard yelling at the motorcyclists "No more" and "Knock it off."...

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What Can a 10 Second Wreck Video Teach Us?

fatalaties hardcore motorcycle safety course wreck youtube

On this quick 10 second video, the dangers of being inattentive are clearly demonstrated, both from the driver and the two wheel rider. While the auto driver should have noticed the approaching motorcycle, the bike's operator didn't slow as he approached the roundabout. In this case the outcome was just a few bruises and a busted bike. Next time it might not turn out so well for either one. What do you think? Post your comments below. Products for the Biker Nation  

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State Fair Settles Civil Rights Lawsuit with Veterans and Christian Motorcycle Clubs

BIKER COC colors Confederation of clubs EASYRIDER florida hardcore lawsuit motorcycle state fair suit vests

In 2010 a group of motorcyclists, including two from the Spirit Riders Motorcycle Ministry and one with the US Military Vest MC were turned away from the Florida State Fair due to a "no colors" policy that was initiated in an effort to discourage gang activity.  The incident was caught on tape and the three filed suit in Federal Court and were represented by Tarpon Springs lawyer Jerry Theophilopoulos. This past August, the trio were awarded $72,500 in a settlement. Defense attorney Jay Daigneault of Clearwater said that while the Fair Authority and its insurance company decided to settle the lawsuit,...

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