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102 Year old biker / veteran takes one more ride; with the help of local VFW

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Ray Weser who will reach 102 this December had to give up riding years ago.  But , you may get away from motorcycles, but for many of us, the passion never leaves. So with the help of his local VFW and a local Harley-Davidson dealership, Weser got to enjoy one more ride.

We won't say it's his last ride because we're hoping Ray gets another ride around his 103rd birthday.  

For this one, he climbed on the back of a new Tri Glide (driven by a volunteer) and rode through the streets of his Arizona neighborhood.

But he wasn't alone on the short trip.  About fifty motorcycle friends from the local VFW showed up and rode through the neighborhood with him.

“He’s a life-long Harley person that really just lives in that moment and so this is an amazing thing,” Weser’s granddaughter, Jennifer Miller, told CBS5. “This is an amazing thing. I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s died and gone to heaven already.”

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  • Sherry on

    Did Ray Weser make it to 103 ride ???

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