An ordinary man who deserves to be remembered

An ordinary man who deserves to be remembered

Ed Kastelic, age 93 of Plymouth passed away peacefully at his home on Monday evening (August 8, 2016).

So begins the obituary of an ordinary man.  But for us here at the Biker Nation, this man deserved to be remembered and honored one more time.

We stumbled across this obituary and the story of Ed Kastelic  (pronounced kas-TELL-ik) on the Omaha World-Herald website.  

Ed married the love of his life, Isabelle, and On their honeymoon, they rode their 1946 Indian Motorcycle cross country to California. Throughout their years together, they were blessed with 12 children.

And, if that wasn't cool enough, considering that riding motorcycles in the 1940's wasn't as hip as it is today, Ed delivered newspapers for 77 years, many of those years on his trusty Indian motorcycle.  

His sons Mike and Todd tell the story of their dad still finishing his newspaper route one foggy morning after hitting a cow.  His work ethic was just that strong.

We have no doubt this country would be much better off if we had more Ed Kastelic's riding the rural highways, delivering newspapers and setting the standard for hard work and dedication for the rest of us.  

Rest in Peace Ed...may you ride forever on heaven's highway.  


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