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German Motorcycle Acrobatics in the 1930's

In the pre-WWII years Germany was home to the leading motorcycle manufacturers, earning the title of the country with the highest density of motorcycles in world in 1933. The spectacle in Munich shows off these zippy vehicles as well as the skills of the motorcyclists. Each of the acts is a “clever and amusing display,” just as the voiceover describes. The motorcyclist in the very first act navigates a series of obstacles, elevating the sidecar and swerving the bike around a track. At the 20-second mark, he even quickly jumps off of the still running motorcycle, crawls under a set of tables, and hopes back on with ease. The craziest is the "scientist" who is working some type of odd contraption that explodes in a giant puff of smoke. And for the grand finale, an impressive human pyramid of several male gymnasts rolls out onto the field. They balance carefully on two motorcycles (oddly driven by what appears to be two people dressed in a bear and jaguar costume). The three-tiered hanger apparatus rotates as the motorcycles slowly drive around delighting the audience.
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