Rocker Pink Gets a Custom Indian As Push Present

Rocker Pink Gets a Custom Indian As Push Present

Ok all you future biker dads out there, Carey Hart has just raised the bar on "push presents."

What? You don't know what a "push present" is?  Ok..neither did we, so we went to Wikipedia.

Seems it's the tradition of the man giving a gift to the mom either immediately following or right before the birth of the baby.  Some even present the gift in the delivery room, although we're pretty sure this one wasn't wheeled into the hospital.

Ex freestyle Motocross pro and current truck racer Carey Hart gave his wife Pink this Indian Chieftain that he customized himself.  

We gotta admit it looks pretty cool, if you like the grunge old army vibe, minus any rust on the motor.

We're told Pink posted this picture on Instagram with the caption “Thanks @hartluck for the push present  I give you babies and you build me motorcycles. Some girls like diamonds, I like heavy metal and carbon-fiber and chrome .”

Damn skippy Pink....Damn skippy! 




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