The Dumbest Thing Since Screen Doors On A Submarine

The Dumbest Thing Since Screen Doors On A Submarine

By: Conner Teest  

Harley-Davidson and a few other major motorcycle manufacturers are said to be ready to install and ship a newly developed steering wheel adapter for 2018 model year motorcycles according to reliable sources who asked not to be identified.

The Wheelbar is said to fit directly on to the top yoke of many popular models like a regular handlebar setup, allowing new riders to steer the bike as they would a car.

The steering device will also feature Tactical Rider Intuitive Control Keys (TRICK) system, a pioneering feature that enables the rider to control switches through voice commands, including lights, indicators, emergency kill switch and horn.

Designed to be smaller than a standard car steering wheel at 260mm in diameter, the Wheelbar provides an intuitive, responsive turning action and ensures the model it is fitted to retains its exciting, sporty feel.

Paul Ponderance, who reviewed the Wheelbar for the Motorcycle Safety Federation  said: “At the moment, the Wheelbar is only slated to be available only in the UK, but a version that will be suitable for driving in Europe and America where they drive on the right-hand side of the road is rumored to be under development.”

*note, if you made it this far, then you deserve the truth.  This is an example of "fake news" and we published it to show how much people will forward and share almost anything without taking the time to verify it.   As far as we know, this exceedingly stupid idea is not being considered by Harley-Davidson or any other major motorcycle manufacturer.  If you read this far, please don't comment under the FB post to spoil the fun.  Let's just see how few people take the time to actually read the story.  

Oh, and as far as we know, there have never been screen doors on a submarine either.

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