Was Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Former "Property Of" Outlaw MC Member

Was Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Former "Property Of" Outlaw MC Member

In an exclusive interview given to the New York Times, a former close friend of Hillary (Rodham) Clinton said the two of them used to hang out frequently at the Yankee Rebels clubhouse on Washington St when the pair were enrolled in nearby Wesley College.  

Angela Spenser, who later married Knucklehead Bortz, who was a member in good standing of the Yankee Rebels chapter in Boston MA, said Clinton, or "RamRod" as club members called her was the one who suggested the pair attend a club party in 1966 in order to "get some good stuff." 

Spenser said she was reluctant but Clinton told her, "Listen, the bikers have the best stuff and they treat us WASPS...(white anglo-saxon princesses) like queens when we go over there.  You'll be fine" Hillary said.  "I've been to 4 or 5 parties there. No problem.  I've passed out and the only thing was I woke up and had to find my clothes, but everyone sleep naked over there..it's really no big deal."


Spenser told the Times that she partied with Hillary and several members of the biker gang on numerous occasions and even participated in an impromptu orgy, but that her and Hillary never "had a thing together."  


Spenser said Hillary stopped coming to the clubhouse and parties a few months after she met future husband, and eventual President Bill Clinton.  

When asked if she ever had sex with the future President, Spenser declined to comment, but showed a tattoo on her right ass cheek that reads, "Bill Came Here."  



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