Bernie Sanders "I Won't Belong To Any Gang That Would Have Me As A Member"

Bernie Sanders "I Won't Belong To Any Gang That Would Have Me As A Member"

Several media outlets are reporting that Bernie Sanders once partied with the Brooklyn Hells Angels in 1963.  This report is only partially true.  As you can see in the above photograph, Sanders did party with an outlaw motorcycle club but it was with the Outlaws,  the sworn enemy of the H.A.  

According to a source who refused to be identified, the story of Sanders and the Outlaws and how the future presidential candidate came to be at this patch-over party is as hilarious as it is ironic, showing Bernie's trusting nature.

When contacted about the photo, Sanders said (through a spokesperson)  "I misunderstood what I was going to.. I thought it was a traditional party at a nice Jewish family where gifts are given to the needy costumes are worn and a pastry called hamantaschen is eaten. 

"My friend, Abraham Goldberg is the one who snookered me into going.  You can tell from my expression that I had just figured out that something was seriously wrong."

Sanders said he started getting suspicious when the traditional pastry was missing from the snack table and topless women were everywhere.  

"Trust me, if topless women were a part of Jewish tradition, I would have kept attending Temple all these years" said Sanders.

When asked if he would ever have considered joining an outlaw motorcycle club, Sanders replied, "I wouldn't belong to any club that would have me as a they wouldn't let me ride my Vespa...the assholes!"


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