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What Age Is Too Young To Ride On A Motorcycle?

children controversary

A motorist from Corpus Christi Texas posted a photo on Facebook of a 7 year old girl riding on the back of a sportbike with the intention of shaming the mom and her boyfriend for "putting the child in danger."  

Texas law allows children as young a 5 to ride on with an adult providing they wear a helmet.  

Motorcyclists have been both defending the mom and siding with the motorist that the child was too young to be on the bike.

What do you think?  At what age is it appropriate for a child to ride on a motorcycle with an adult?

The child mother, Mallory Torres, took to Facebook to defend her decision "I WILL continue to keep my kids happy and pray that they are safe whether it be at school, at home, at a friend's house, on the basketball court, or on a motorcycle. I'll tell you what i WON'T do though. I won't keep my child from riding just because a handful of close minded, ignorant people think they are the definition of a "perfect parent". THERE IS NO POINT IN BEING ALIVE IF YOU AREN'T LIVING!!!

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