Road Rage Confrontation Caught on Helmet Cam

Road Rage Confrontation Caught on Helmet Cam

ANCHORAGE AK  A group of motorcyclists were enroute to the annual Bike Blessing in downtown Anchorage Alaska this past Saturday May 8th, when a confrontation ensued between the driver of the pickup and several riders in the group.

Two of the riders recorded the incident and their videos have since sparked outrage on social media sites. In the videos, the truck can be seen making dangerous moves, sometimes coming very close to the nearly 100 motorcycles, and at other times leaving the main roadway to go around the group.

Renee Oistad, a spokeswoman for the Anchorage Police Department, said the truck driver initially called them after the incident about a broken side mirror he claimed was damaged by the group, but they have not been able to get ahold of him since the videos were released. They stated none of the motorcyclists have contacted them about the truck.

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