Top 7 Motorcycle Rides in the USA

Top 7 Motorcycle Rides in the USA

# 7 Route 50, The George Washington Highway, West Virginia.

Start in Parkersburg West Virginina,and head east along a well paved highway full of plenty of twisty turns and scenic overlooks.   And GWH rides through Cathedral State Park which is a treat in and of itself. You can turn around at the Maryland State line, or continue on for the full 234 miles ending in Winchester Virginia.  

# 6 Tail of the Dragon, Deal's Gap, North Carolina  Never heard of "The Dragon?"  Then we can only assume you've just bought your first motorcycle and haven't been to a bike night or basically anywhere motorcycle riders gather. With  318 curves in 11 miles, this sinuous slab of asphalt is THE most famous motorcycle road on the East Coast.  While we agree it's a great road, until recently, it wasn't unusual to find an 18 wheeler clogging up the works on any given weekday.  But thankfully both North Carolina and Tennessee have banned commercial traffic from the route and the only hazards are the road and the squids who think they're invincible and ride it far beyond their ability to maintain their line.  Avoid it on major holidays and most warm weekends.  Tuesday and Wednesday mornings between 8-12 seem to be the best times for the least amount of traffic.  

# 5 Beartooth Pass, Wyoming   Your first time riding Beartooth Pass will leave an indelible impression on your memory that only time and dementia will erase.  The pass is only open a few weeks a year because of the elevation but it's well worth the trip in mid and late summer to experience  mountains, dense forest, rivers snow, tundra and breathtaking views.  Stay in Red Lodge on the eastern side of the pass and get up early for a view at the top that you'll be glad you didn't miss.  Then you're ready to head down the other side for a ride through Yellowstone and a visit to Old Faithful.   

# 4 Needles Highway, Black Hills, South Dakota  There are so many epic roads in and around Sturgis South Dakota, we could easily fill this list with rides from that area.  The Needles Highway with it's views of Mt. Rushmore,  and the Iron Mountain Road are two MUST DO roads before you die. If you want to experience them in all their unspoiled beauty, then we suggest you visit BEFORE or AFTER the Sturgis Rally, but since that's not practical, just expect to share the views with a lot of fellow motorcyclists...and we mean a lot.   The photo shows one of the "Pigtails" a series of three switchback bridges on the Iron Mountain Road.  

# 3 San Juan Mountain Skyway, Colorado

Conveniently, San Juan Mountain Skyway is a loop, so you can start anywhere and take it either direction and if there is a more beautiful section of the Rocky Mountains, we haven't seen it.

You'll pass through historic mining towns, national parks and forests and world-class ski resort areas,  red rock canyons, amazing river valleys, hot springs and majestic mountain peaks in a spot sometimes known as the "Switzerland of America."

# 2 Little River Canyon Parkway Highway 176  It's the 2nd shortest highway on this list but there's a lot of adrenaline packed into this 12 miles of asphalt.  The sudden dips and rises on this highway, combined with sheer 300 feet drop offs (no guard rails) make for some serious puckering if your attention starts to wander.  And, since it's so short, you can ride it one way, grab a bite to eat, and ride it back the other way.  If you go, be sure to visit Desoto State Park and the Rock Church.  

# 1 Going To The Sun Highway - Glacier National Park  Depending on when you visit, this 50 mile highway may the most congested stretch of asphalt you'll ever ride.  And while we can't predict the number of tourists you'll see, we can guarantee it will be the the most scenic stretch of highway you will ever twist a throttle on, at least in our opinion. The glacier has all but disappeared, and depending on when you read this, it may have melted into history, but that shouldn't stop you from making the trip.  The only problem is the weather is so unpredictable, and the Park Service (which is responsible for maintaining the road) will close the route during heavy fog, rain and snow, so there's very few days ever year the route is open, which makes it that much more desirable to ride. Put this one at the top of your bucket list, and save up your coins. You won't regret it.


There are so many more great motorcycle roads in the US, and we know this list only scratches the surface.  Comment and tell us your favorite roads and we'll add them to a future list!  


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