10  Gifts Under $25 That Your Biker Will Actually Use

10 Gifts Under $25 That Your Biker Will Actually Use

Everyone knows someone they need a nice, but inexpensive gift for.  Whether it's Christmas, anniversary, or birthday giving one of these gifts are sure to fit the bill.  

1. Ride Bells: For a gift that says "I care about your safety" try one of these Gremlin Bells or Ride Bells as they're also called.   If you're not familier with the Legend  click this link for the story.  One thing, these bells work best when given as a gift.  We have bells for  firemen, pink ribbon, POW/MIA, iron cross, rebel flag, american indian, praying hands and more!  

2. Extenders: If you're buying a gift for someone that's "grown" a little over the past year, then these Vest Extenders make a great choice.  One size fits all!  There s an option for every taste! 

3. Cleaning Products: Just about everyone (at some point) cleans their bike.  It doesn't matter if they're fanatical about keeping it spotless, or just knocks the bugs off when they can no longer see the paint, Vengeance Cleaning Products has what you need to that make the job easier.  Bug Release, Extreme Detailer, Matte Paint Cleaner, metal cleaner or Nano Spray wax.  OR go all in and get the Ultimate Motorcycle Care Kit, {although that's out of the $25 limit)

4. Leather Bracelets:   There's something about wrapping a piece of leather around your wrist that makes you feel like a total badass.  Maybe it's because leather amulets and wrist wraps have been the sole fashion statements made by warriors and conquers throughout history. But whatever the reason, bikers today love the look and feel anbd smell of these real leather bracelets.

5. Customized Tee Shirt:  While The Biker Nation has a wide selection of tee shirts that any biker would love to wear, why not get a "customized" shirt with your nickname, club name or any name you want!  More added each month so check back often.  

6. Gifts for the Christian Biker:  If you're looking for something special for the Christian biker on your list, then these rings and bracelets are the perfect selection.  Laser engraved Lords Prayer rings, Jesus on the cross, bible verse rings and the Serenity Prayer.  Plus if you're willing to go a little over $25 there are a few other gifts in this collection.

7. Headwraps  These women's headwraps are the most comfortable thing you'll put around your head. Tight enough to stay on while riding, but not so tight they give you a head ache.  Some with bling and glitter, and some plain.  

8:  Get Back Whips The Get Back whip was designed to get the attention of the cager who isn't paying attention to the road and endangering you and everyone else.  Use with caution, but with enthuasism when the situation calls for it.

9. Zipper Pulls  If there's one thing every biker has in common, it's zippers.  It doesn't matter if you ride a Harley, an Indian, Yamaha, Honda or even a scooter, you're going to have something that has a zipper.  Maybe it's your jacket, or maybe it's your luggage.  These zipper pulls make great generic, one size fits all gifts and the best part is they're the most inexpensive gifts out there.  Great stocking stuffers!

10:  Biker Rings From skull rings, to rings with dragon scales, to eagles and wings, there's a ring for every taste in this collection. Don't know their size?  No problem, get as close as you can, and if it doesn't fit, you can simply return it and exchange it for the right size, no problem!

Just over $25 but still worth considering

Watch for US!  More and more cagers are texting and driving and it's taking a toll on the motorcycle community.  These hoodies and shirts are designed to help you been seen and bring awareness to watch for motorcycles!

Women's Belt Clip Bags:  These bags are popular because they solve a problem that women face everytime they throw a leg over the seat, "where to put my purse."  With these bags, you simply clip it to your belt loops and you're off!   Big enough to hold the essentials but small enough to be comfortable on and off the bike.  

Biker Nation Beanie:  This beanie will not only keep your head warm but let the world know you're a biker and not ashamed of it!  One size fits most and makes a great generic gift for that person who has everything but a cool head!




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