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Driver Blames Jesus For Hitting Motorcyclist

Prionda C. Hill, age 25, told police it wasn't her fault when her car struck 47 year old Anthony Oliveri's motorcycle on July 11th.  "God told me he would take it from here" HIll said, and so she took her hands completely off the steering wheel.  

Her car veered off the road, and then slammed into the motorcycle Oliveri was riding, breaking all his ribs on his left side, cutting his spleen and causing injuries to his left arm and leg. 

Hill was charged with failure to stop after an accident resulting in injury or death, criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon and two counts of criminal mischief.

An alcohol test was performed,which came back negative, but Hill told police she was taking Vicodin, but according to a report by the Journal Gazette, a toxicology screen was not performed.


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  • Merlin Dais on

    This story HAS TO BE FICTION. If not you should be struck by lightning. Just Sayin.

  • John Klem on

    She lied.

  • Tim on

    Here is her FB page:

  • Michael Murphy on

    Giver lethal injection god will take care of it from there ! Idiots should be euthanized although that is cruelty to the earth how about a medical induced coma for a six month snooze then if god wants them back on the road he can wake em up

  • Frank on

    Vacant eyed, slack jawed MORON.

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