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Anti-Noise Group Attacks HOG Rally

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A national anti-noise organization is criticizing a motorcycle rally taking place in the Lehigh Valley this week.

Noise Free America says members of the Pennsylvania Harley Owners Group are "acoustically lawless" because many modify or remove their mufflers to make their bikes louder. The motorcycle group is holding a three-day rally starting today based out of the Best Western Lehigh Valley Hotel & Conference Center in Hanover Township, Northampton County.

"We want to bring attention to the fact that loud motorcycles are illegal," said Ted Rueter, director of the Chapel Hill, North Carolina-based Noise Free America. "Every motorcycle that rolls off the factory floor is compliant. Every time you hear a loud motorcycle it's because of deliberate action by the owner.  Read the whole story here
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  • Arnold Warner on

    Get a life and go back to noise free North Carolina with the rear of the hicks. If your not a PA resident you have no say in the matter.

  • John Adams on

    It seems that you don’t want the Noise; but do like the Money. I am retired from Harley-Davidson and know that they try very hard to stay in the guide lines of the EPA. Sorry that a little noise for a few days, bothers you.

  • Dex on

    Noise Free America need to GET A LIFE!!

  • Bruce on

    What about noisey cars either their exhust or radio. Live in an area where there are alot of H-D’s would rather hear them than a car radio. BTW I am a senior citizen so don’t try the age crap.

  • William Hines on

    Loud Pipes save lives. At least people seem to notice you if you have loud pipes . They don’t notice you if you don’t. Lay off our pipes.

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