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The Bacon Bike Rolls Across America

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Forget plug in bikes, the coolest HOGS are those from Hormel and run on bacon grease.  This August, you may have seen, or smelled, this bacon powered creating as it tooled around the Sturgis Rally on it’s way to the International Bacon Film Festival, August 29th.    (Yea, we didn’t know there was such a festival either...)
The bike was the brainchild of Hormel’s Ad agency and it runs on biofuel made from lard, or specifically, bacon grease and is reported to get about 100 mpg out of the stuff.  That’s a good thing since finding stations between Minnesota and California with bacon grease pumps is pretty difficult.  
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  • Jon Loebig on

    Had fun posing in front of the bike. Lol. Who said cops don’t have a since of humor

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