Sept 2, 2014: Medina, MN - FieldCandy is proud to announce a new collaboration with Indian Motorcycle®, America’s First Motorcycle Company™. Founded in 1901, Indian® is one of the most legendary and iconic motorcycle brands worldwide, well known for bikes that inspire freedom and adventure. Indian® Motorcycles distinctive engineering prowess and speed is firmly rooted in American history from its domination on the race tracks, its support of allied forces in WW1 and WW2 to Burt Munro who set a land speed record with the ‘worlds fastest Indian in 1967. Today Indian Motorcycle® continues to produce class leading motorcycles from the Indian® Chief® Classic to Indian® Scout™ 

Excitingly, FieldCandy’s Original Explorer two person tent fits neatly into a compact carry case, perfect for ‘on the back of a bike’ trips. The new rustic design has been created to reflect Indian® Motorcycles rich American heritage and one that can withstand the extreme conditions the open road can bring.

All FieldCandy products are extremely high quality, with specially developed printing technology to produce designs that are UV fade resistant, 100% waterproof and fire retardant. Each product is made in England to the high specification of an expedition tent. Find the Indian Motorcycle® tent in worldwide Indian® Dealers or online at or for $695.99 USD ($779.99 Canada). Accessory Part # 2863891



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I would buy an Indian Tent to take on road trips, but not at that price… I could see about 200 max… looks like I’ll keep my old faithful…

Lenn R. Neal

" America’s First Motorcycle Company™" “firmly rooted in American history” “The new rustic design has been created to reflect Indian® Motorcycle’s rich American heritage”

“Each product is made in England”

Anyone else see a marketing disconnect?

George Hollister

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