Tips for Winterizing Your Motorcycle

If you live in a temperate climate where you can ride your bike at least once or twice a month all year long, then skip this post, and ride your bike.  Don't winterize it.  But, if you're in one of the areas of this country that gets frozen in, and even when it's warm enough, the danger of black ice makes it unwise to ride on two wheels, then this post is important for you.

If you're the DYI type, this infographic shows you just about everything you'll need to remember to do to safely store your two wheel treasure over the long cold months ahead.

Be sure to choose a mildew resistant cover once you've prepped the bike and if you don't have a garage, invest a few dollars into a renting a storage building.  If you do, I would also invest a few dollars into a GPS tracking system that will alert you if your bike moves.  


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Never inflate to just under Max tire pressure. As a tire tech with over 15 years experience, that pressure is for us installers to seat the bead.

Believe me when I say that’s not a good idea, the bike should be raised in air and not touching ground at all, if that’s not an option using a bicycle foot pump or a protable air compressor from Walmart for 10 bucks to top off the air to recommended pressure is your best bet.

there’s only two tires which are the most important piece of a vehicle, they are what’s between you and the road, being able to stop is 2nd. people might say brakes are, untrue, I’ve ridden over 300 kms home in rain with no brakes on a bike that was dumped had no front or rear brake due to cylinders being ripped off bike, i used the clutch to brake it was scarey believe me, but I made it, without tires or good tires I would of never attempted this. Take care of them.

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