Add Storage to Your Bike with motoPOCKETS

We're all looking for that gift for the biker who has everything.  Or, maybe you're like me and just like cool products.  That's why I like these add on saddle bag storage pockets from Adventure Pockets.  The motoPOCKET is a full range of add on storage solutions to help you maximize the storage space on your bike.  The company recently sent us a couple different products to test and we absolutely love them!  

Each motoPOCKET comes with an adhesive pad to secure one half of the hook and loop installation system to the bike.  The other part, (the hooks) are permanently attached to the bag.  (some folks say VELCRO, but that's a trademarked term, so we won't use it)  

We installed both bags in under 3 minutes.  It took us longer to type this than it did to install them.

What we like most about the motoPOCKETS is the organization it brings to what would otherwise be a jumbled up tour pack and if we're going on a long trip and need every inch of space, it's really simple to remove the bags and leave them out.  

Another cool feature is If you have more than one bike, and say you keep your riding glasses or spare house key, garage door opener in the motoPOCKET, you can order an additional adhesive pad, install that on the 2nd bike, and swap the cases back and forth between bikes! 

The two we tested were the $49.95 motoPOCKET Top Case with netting, so you can see what's in the bag at a glance,(11.5” wide x 9” tall.) and the motoPOCKET side case with netting ($39.95)  14" x 6" x 2" Includes 2-2”x 12” 3M high temperature adhesive strips, installation tool, installation instructions and alcohol cloth.

Here's the video.  

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