Connecticut Becomes Second State to Shoot Down Slingshot

WETHERSFIELD, CT: Polaris was hoping it would change their minds, but despite the December 8th demo rides given to officials from the State's DMV, officials were unconvinced and refused to change it's mind and classify the Slingshot as a motorcycle.  This means the three wheel vehicle cannot be sold or registered in Connecticut.  

The DMV reaffirmed its earlier ruling that the reverse trike cannot be classified or registered as a motorcycle, finding it more akin to a car than a bike, according to the Waterbury Republican-American.

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According to a report in DealerNews, the attorney for the DMV outlined the board's view on the Slingshot.

“It is the consensus of the DMV that this vehicle closely resembles an automobile in appearance, and is equipped (brake, clutch, accelerator, steering wheel, four cylinder engine, seatbelt, gear shifter, etc.) and handles like an automobile rather than a motorcycle,” DMV senior attorney Sharon Geanuracos said in a Dec. 10 letter to Polaris.

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Martin…Connecticut does not have a helmet law if you are over 17

Linda Dalton

Cool register it as a car no helmet required in a car. Actually it is a car all of them with this configuration are cars and should be nation wide.

Martin Beaver

2 wheels in the front and one in the rear is not a motorcycle its a 3 wheeled car, one wheel in the front and 2 in the rear is a trike, just 2 wheels is a motorcycle.


‘Da…it is a car with three wheels and no trunk. The passenger sits NEXT to the driver…not behind the driver. No handle bar…steering wheel. Pedal clutch…pedal brakes…pedal accelerator. Not a motorcycle? Who didn’t see that one coming. Oh wait…Polaris.


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