You Won’t Believe What This Biker Charity Is Doing With Your Money


Founder Danny Perkins lives in a million dollar condo in Miami and oversees a lucrative money making biker funded charity

Founder Danny Perkins lives in a million dollar condo in Miami and oversees a lucrative money making biker funded charity

When Orlando television news reporter Matt Grant started digging around into the finances of Daytona based BADD, (Bikers Against Drunk Drivers) he hit a stone wall, at least when he contacted the organization directly. BADD is a well known motorcycle charity in Central Florida and is known for it’s motorcycle giveaways. According to records filed with the State of Florida in the three years prior to 2014, the organization collected just over $2.6 million dollars. Those same records indicate the charity has returned just $20,300 to victims of drunk drivers, less than 1% of the money it collected. The president of Charity Navigator, one of the largest non-profit charity watch dogs in the United States said the numbers don’t add up and gives BADD a “zero” rating. Records indicate that the charity’s founder Danny Perkins owns a luxury condo on Miami’s South Beach worth almost a million dollars and which records indicate was paid for in cash and a 27 foot pleasure boat which is registered in the charity’s name. When asked how donations are spent, Perkins told WESH in an email “the charity speaks for itself,”claiming BADD has sent out 5 million flyers and used Facebook posts to encourage people not to drink and drive.


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All I know is that I spent $30 on a raffle ticket and won a $4,000.00 Gibson guitar. I live in Michigan and have no relation to this organization. I am happy as can be with this raffle! Where the money goes, I have no clue but I have no reason to question them.

Mark D

This is so sad, I barely get by with payments, I’m 68 years old, I have been donating for years, and it was informed to me that mostly only your friends and family are the winners, if a person wins that hasn’t donated much because they couldn’t afford it you will always make sure that the person with the most money always wins.
I have been Disabled for over 20 years, I have had 2 rotator cuff surgeries, a rod in my back, both hips replaced and a fused ankle, in 2012 my 20 year old son had just joined the Marines, before boot camp he was walking on the side of the road and a Drunk Driver hit and killed him, The Drunk left the scene of accident and turned himself in the next day and said he hit a Deer, he got away scot free even though my sons imprint was on the hood of his truck, he hit my son so hard that his shoes were left in one spot and he carried him for 500 feet down the road, the only thing left to Donate from his body was his Heart, Liver and Eyes.
Sorry to complain have a good day.

Marty Helton

I’ve participated in the drawings giveaways! I didn’t realize that it was National, based out of Florida. Thought it was local. Hope your exposure of their doings lands them behind Bars!

Joey Barrote

My cousin John Baker suffered a brain injury from a motorcycle accident. Whoever ran him off the road was never caught. John spent 20 years in an assisted living facility because he was not able to function properly. He died last year. These are the people that B.A.D.D. should be helping with the funds they raise. I have become skeptical of their giveaways because they claimed they were giving away a 1970 Shelby and a VW van camper together. They then show on their site that the camper was won by itself. Then they show the same Shelby as a 1972 model as the next car to give away. Today March 28, I get a text with the same picture claiming they’re raffling off this 1968 Shelby. All the same car with different years and no one has won any of them, or the one. I think this is fraud and needs to be investigated. My wife works with the Polk County Sherriff’s Dept. and they investigate fraud cases all the time. So, we’ll add this to the case load.

Bob Baker

I can’t unsubscribe from their email either. And when I tried to send a message from their “contact us” link, it never gets sent!!! I’m going to start calling them and blowing up their phone!


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