Female Con Artist Used Full Throttle Appearance in Scam

nicolemarieclawsonNicole Marie Clawson’s 15 minutes of fame are just about over.  On Friday the 39 year old was arrested in Lady Lake Florida for  allegedly scamming dozens of victims in hoaxes ranging from pretending to be a nurse to shaving her head and pretending to be a terminally ill cancer patient.   she has been accused of forging checks, and stealing jewelry from her victims.

Her act was so good she was able to lie her way onto the set of the biker reality show, Full Throttle Saloon.  According to reports, Clawson told producers she recently inherited $40 million dollars from her deceased father and wanted to invest $1 million in the saloon.

The episodes that are airing now were taped in August and Clawson is appearing in several of them.

The producers of the show cooperated with Florida authorites and posted on the show’s website,  “Clawson was filmed in August 2012 in Sturgis, South Dakota and has since continued a pattern of fraud and deceit.  Clawson has gone by various aliases including Nicole MontanillieNicole Reasoner and Nicole Bott”

Clawson used her appearance on the television show as a way to scam individuals, including one man who  confined to a wheelchair asked Clawson to marry her and buy her an expensive home.  Authorities say she used the internet to meet potential victims online.

**  Update May 13, 2013  

Clawson pled guilty to the charges in Florida and was extradited to Georgia in April 2013 to face similar charges in that state.  Reports are that investigators in Indiana and several other states are preparing to indict Clawson for similar crimes.    Read the story here


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I knew she was scamming from the get go!
Knowing a lot of “reality shows” have a lot of fake things happen to boost ratings, I thought it was just part of the show.
I read she pleaded guilty and only got a few weeks in jail. That was not justice with all of hee victims.


Did she steal anything from Michael Ballard?

Patty J Flaherty

I saw her on Full Throttle. She pretended to be meek and reserved then was wild as cat next. I felt kneaded from the start watching. When I saw her taking money on a register I thought oh boy I bet she’s dipping into the till. Maybe that’s how she paid for the emerald ring she gave Angie or it’s one of the jewelry she stoled from someone else !


Angie knew that girl was off and definitely not right.

Debra Edwards

I knew for sure it was a scam when she gave Michael Ballard a Comcheck, there’s no way Comcheck would be used, it should have been some other form of payment , I don’t believe Comcheck could be written for a million bucks.


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