Four Rings On Two Wheels; Audi Concept Bike

When Audi bought Italian motorcycle maker Ducati last April, the motorcycle press speculated the auto maker might release a sportbike under the Audi four ring logo.  Now autoevolution is reporting the brand has released design sketches and photos of a clay model of The Audi Motorrad.  A concept of  French designers Thibault Devauze and his brother Marc Devauze.   Clement Couvreur shaped their concept, and according to the report, is powered (or would be powered) by a Desmodromic 850cc L-twin Ducati engine with a dual clutch, but very little else was revealed.

Seems that Audi is metaphorically slapping BMW’s face with an Italian gauntlet.  A well crafted, sleek gauntlet.

Photo gallery here

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