Motorcyclists Block California Freeway For Proposal Stunt

Call it what you want to but you gotta admit Hector “Tank” Martinez’s marriage proposal was a bit over the top.  The California sportbike rider and member of the 710 Bikerz and 300 of his friends blocked the I-10 freeway in West Corvina on Sunday January 27th while Martinez, did a quick burnout (with pink smoke)  took off his helmet, got down on one knee and  proposed to his girlfriend Paige Hernandez.

According to published reports, the California Highway Patrol isn’t very romantically inclined and issued citations to about 20 motorcyclists who were hanging around on the surface streets after the incident.

One CHP officer said others involved in the stunt may be charged as well.  Potential charges could range from various misdemeanors to felonies for impeding traffic, according to CHP Officer Jose Barrios.

“It’s a public safety issue as well,” Barrios said. “Reckless driving, stopping when it’s not an emergency stop — just a few of the violations they were committing at the time.”

If the CHP follows the same procedure it did when the members of the rock group Imperial Stars shut down the 101 Freeway in October of 2010, Martinez will likely face some type of felony charges.

Oh, and Hernandez said yes.

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