Man Torches Wife’s Motorcycle

By all accounts Paul Tetreault was having a bad day.  According to Rochester NY police reports, Tetreault was having a bowl of soup and allegedly became angry for an unknown reason, threw the bowl of soup against the wall of his home and began assaulting an unidentified woman (who probably was his wife or girlfriend but the report does not say.)  The victim said Tetreault then told her he would “torch” her motorcycle before she and her boyfriend got to it.

And, that’s just what he did.  Before getting around to starting the blaze however, police say Tetreault allegedly punched the victim in the face,  (she punched him back)   drug her through the garage, repeatedly saying he would kill her. and punched her in the face and stomach, before grabbing her neck and squeezing it, causing her to be unable to breathe for some time.

Tetreault has been arrested.  Read the original story on the Foster’s Daily Democrat


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