Garbage Collector Says He Thought It Was Trash

In a report that could’ve been written by the spoof website The Onion, officials with the City of Roanoke Rapids Waste Service are at a loss to explain why workers picked up Joseph Morning’s sportbike where it was parked in front of his home.    Local television news WTVD-TV reported Morning’s girlfriend noticed the bike missing in late September.  After asking neighbors, Morning learned the garbage men had hauled his bike away.  He was quoted in the report, “I had my motorcycle cover covering it, but the wheel was still showing on the bike. And the mirrors were sticking up from the bike, also. So you could tell it was a motorcycle.”

After repeated calls, and a lot of frustration, Morning found his bike at Waste Services, where it had been crushed.  The city initially wanted Morning to file a claim with his insurance company but he refused.  It took the local television station to intervene on his behalf with the City Manager, who filed it with the city’s insurance company and now Morning is set to receive a settlement from the City’s insurance carrier.  Here’s a link to the original report. 

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