Victory Releases Boardwalk; Ends The Kingpin

The widest handlebars of any Victory cruiser and a new two piece seat distinguish the Boardwalk from the other bikes in the Victory lineup.  Seat height is a low 25.9 inches, slightly over 1/2 of an inch lower than the Kingpin and lower than the Vision and the Crossroads and Cross Country.    Fuel capacity has increased slightly to 4.7 gallons, the same as the Judge.  Front fender features a chrome accent at the strut and the long sweeping lines compliment the wide whitewall tires enhancing the “laid back”  lazy Sunday afternoon persona of the bike.  The 150mm rear and 130mm front Metzler’s are mounted on 16″ 60 spoke laced chrome  wheels.

The headlight, gauge housing, handlebars, exhaust, belt guard, engine and ignition covers, turn signal housing and fender struts are all chrome and the rear brake and turn signals are LED lamps.

If you need / want to do some light touring, Victory has the Boardwalk saddlebags (not shown) a tall windshield and passenger backrest with optional 2-Up luggage rack attachment.  Cruise control is also an option on the Boardwalk.

There wasn’t any “official” pronouncement that Victory is abandoing the Kinpin model, but without a new 2013 model the line is dead.  For 2013, Victory goes with 3 “baggers” and two full touring models not counting the Ness models.

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