Another Solution For a Non Problem

A group of unemployed engineers at NASA have just discovered a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

With flair and creativity, the engineers put considerable effort into designing a futurist transportation device that effectively protects motorcycle police officers from the inherent risks of riding an exposed motorized two-wheel mode of transportation in city traffic, and they were able to include a passenger compartment so officers could ride two up, or it could double as a canine unit.

They added a third wheel and wrapped a steel cage around it all.  Brilliant!  (you can recognize sarcasm can’t you?)

The only problem with this invention is it solves a problem that doesn’t exist, and motorcycle police officers will hate it. If you don’t believe me, watch the video below where the news show cuts the officer off when he says, “Will my officers ride it…? ”  but you can pretty much tell he doesn’t think much of it.  Tell us what you think in the poll at the end of this story

In fact, we’d be willing to be most of the motorcycle riding public will think it’s butt ugly; even for a trike, which is what this frankencycle really is.

I hate to be too hard on the NASA engineers. They are unemployed, after all, and just trying to help but they missed the mark on this one.


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